Planet Positive:

An Urban Rose is 100% committed to operating a transparent, sustainable business from production through to final delivery.

We know our planet cares for us and we need to care for it too!

Certification and Approval:

Our apparel is fully vetted / certified by the following approved organisations.

GOTS:  (global organic textiles standard)  : our 100% organic tees are certified by GOTS to ensure they have been produced sustainably.

OEKO-TEX:  This certification is given to show that no harmful chemicals are contained within the textile used.



FAIR WEAR:   Fair Wear Foundation approval has been given annually proving that the clothing is produced in a fair and ethical way, ensuring workers / employees are given at a minimum their full       basic human rights.

PETA:  (animal rights association ) has also fully approved and certified our apparel showing that no animal has been harmed during the making of the garments. 


VEGAN:  Our apparel has been approved and labelled as 100% vegan.