About Us

We are An Urban Rose, and we love the urban nature in our local urban area.

We love to chill together, out in the park for lunch, down by the river for chats and even in our own backyard for coffee and smoothie breaks.

All this love for urban nature inspired us to launch our brand An Urban Rose to celebrate everything great about the green spaces in and around our towns and cities.

Our debut classic brand logo Tee is getting lots of love and attention thanks to all your support! This is just the beginning. We know how important it is for us to keep offering you 100% organic natural fibre clothing that is ethically produced, certified Fair Wear and vegan too, so we are working hard to be ready for future collections.

Our aim is to keep using sustainable practices throughout the business whilst highlighting the many benefits of connecting with urban nature.

To keep updated with all that is happening, all the latest news, why not follow us on Instagram @anurbanrose or keep an eye out for our news blogs to come!