Mindful Movement

An Urban Rose is more than just a sustainable streetwear brand, we are a whole mindful movement that educates and emphasises the rewards of connecting with urban nature as well as offering a sustainable alternative to the fast fashion labels.

We promote a sense of community whilst highlighting the urgency of conservation and sustainable practices both locally and globally.


We love to  carry out our popular, fun interactive workshops, spreading awareness about the world around us and the need to protect our local and global natural environments; emphasis being on the benefits of buying sustainably produced clothing. 

Your feedback is always phenomenal and we really appreciate it!



We love to talk and we do a lot of this at our pop up markets and events, either planned presentations or chats and discussions about the fast fashion clothing crisis and the benefits of buying clothing consciously.


An Urban Rose is a proud member of Kingston Green Business Community.

We’re really grateful to be able to have the opportunity to collaborate and move forward with other green businesses, promoting a fully, all round, sustainable lifestyle.